What is Joint Ownership?

What is Joint Ownership?

Joint ownership is the name given to immovables that cannot be shared. The ownership of the same property by more than one person is called joint ownership. In this case, a partnership occurs. The partnership in question is not based on a share in the property, but on the right to own property, to be … Read more

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Process and Guide


Turkey is a transcontinental country with a strategic location. Turkey’s position as a significant tourist destination allows connectivity with important markets via good transportation links. The citizenship possibility has become even more appealing since the minimum investment amounts had been decreased in 2018, and the entire procedure may now be completed in 2 to 3 … Read more

What are the Historical Mansions in Turkey?

What are the Historical Mansions in Turkey

It has been a tradition since the first periods in the Ottoman Empire for statesmen to protect scholars and writers, to gather them in their mansions, and organize scientific and literary conversations. In the 19th century, this tradition became more widespread, and the meetings held in the mansion of many statesmen, scholars, and wealthy people … Read more

How to Open a Housing Account in Turkey

How to Open a Housing Account in Turkey

The housing account is a system that encourages people who want to become homeowners for the first time to accumulate and, accordingly provides state support. For state support, people must first open a housing account from a bank and make regular investments in this account for at least 3 years. Thus, the state officially follows … Read more

Turkish Liras & Money in Turkey

Turkish Liras & Money in Turkey

The printing and use of paper money in the world coincide with the end of the 17th century. The history of money, which bears traces of the socio-economic structure of the period it was printed, can also be seen as an economic analysis feature and a reflection of the socio-economic history. It is possible to … Read more

Which is the Best Area to Live in Mugla?

Which is the Best Area to Live in Mugla

Mugla is a city located in the Aegean region of Turkey. Most of the city’s territory is located in the Aegean region, and the rest is located in the Mediterranean region. Mugla is bordered by Aydin to the north, Denizli, and Burdur to the northeast, and Antalya to the east. The city is also surrounded … Read more

What is Neoclassical Architecture?

What is Neoclassical Architecture

Neoclassical architecture was first developed in the 18th century.  Neoclassical architecture in general was influenced by ancient Greek architecture and ancient Italian architecture. The walls of structures are very important in this current. With this current, art is combined with architecture. Neoclassical architectures with remarkable features remain important even today. Simplicity and majestic structures have … Read more

Everything About Turkish Marmara Region

Everything About Turkish Marmara Region

Marmara region is one of the geographical regions of Turkey. The Marmara region connects the European continent and the Asian continent. The Marmara region is located in northwest Turkey. It borders the Aegean region to the south of the region, the central Anatolia region to the southeast, and the Black Sea region to the east. … Read more

Istanbul’s Things to Know About the Continent of Europa

Istanbul’s Things to Know About the Continent of Europa

Istanbul is a city in Turkey and one of the country’s 81 provinces. It is the most populous, economically and socio-culturally most important city in the country. Istanbul was established in the northwest of Turkey, along the Marmara coast and the Bosphorus, surrounding the Golden Horn. Istanbul is a transcontinental city, the European part is … Read more

What is Parcel?

What is a parcel

A parcel is a piece of land, and it is the name given to the pieces of land that are separated and limited according to zoning regulations and zoning laws. The owner of any parcel can be made up of a single person, or it can have more than one owner. Private persons can be … Read more

How to Manage Property in Turkey?

How to Manage Property in Turkey

The main purpose of property management in Turkey is the real estate acquired for investment; It is the realization of short and long term operations such as daily, weekly or annual. The processes related to real estate rental transactions to be carried out in Turkey, it is aimed to make the real estate as profitable … Read more

Advantages of Owning a Home in Turkey

Advantages of Owning a Home in Turkey

Everyone has a desire to have a home. Regardless of the kind of investor you are, owning property in Turkey provides an advantageous situation for the buyers. Generally, Turkish property is cheaper than European and Gulf property. While homebuyers in Turkey may face significant regulatory hurdles, they may also save money on the cost of … Read more

Is it Safe to Buy a House in Turkey?

Is It Safe To Buy A House In Turkey

Turkey, full of extraordinary natural beauties, surrounded by seas on 3 sides, has a very important political position, is a country that is favored by foreigners with many times the return on investment. Although it may seem like an unusual idea to invest in real estate in another country, your legal rights are guaranteed as … Read more

Best Holiday Spots in Turkey

Best Holiday Spots In Turkey

Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world and welcomes over 35 million people annually. It is a pleasant, attractive country that is rich in culture. Turkey has suitable lodging alternatives for all budgets, from motels to all-inclusive resorts, from trendy boutique hotels to luxury facilities. In addition, Turkey is located in … Read more

Why Foreign Investors Should Buy Property in Turkey?

Why Foreign Investors Should Buy Property in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most popular countries regarding real estate and property investment. The real-estate market offers different options for foreign investors. While foreign investors can choose metropolitan cities such as İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir, they can also opt for the seaside to buy property in Turkey. Owning a property in Turkey requires certain … Read more

What is Subprime Mortgage?

What Is Subprime Mortgage

A subprime mortgage is a concept that allows people from all parts of life to access a loan to buy a home. Banks determine people’s credit scores according to people’s budgets, purchasing power, and financial situation. People with a high credit score are considered low-risk. These people can get the loan they want. Banks have … Read more

The Tallest Buildings in The World

The Tallest Buildings In The World

There is no universally accepted definition of what makes a ‘tall building’. Instead, various distinct criteria are used to assess if a structure is tall. The concept of what it means to be tall varies from one location to another. The term ‘skyscraper’ refers to structures with 40 or more floors that are constantly livable. … Read more

What is Residential Real Estate?


Residential real estate is all of the permanent additions to the real estate land and the land that exists on the land such as water resources, trees, minerals, buildings, fences, bridges, etc. The most basic and important distinction between real estate and movable is that the assets expressed as real estate are immovable. Every valuable … Read more

What are Different Types of Real Estate Agents?


Real estate agent connects buyers and sellers for transactions and represents them in legal negotiations. When you hire a real estate agent, you are tapping into that person’s knowledge and experience. Real Estate Agents have the unique ability to put their emotions aside and bring the most value to your home. For the inexperienced buyer … Read more

How to Invest in Commercial Property

How to Invest in Commercial Property

People who are frugal and want to shape their lives with their investments or who want to earn additional income in addition to their own business want to keep their investment options rich. Because it will not be enough after a point to save money by investing your principal money in credit cards in any … Read more

What Is an Apartment Administrative Fee?

What Is an Apartment Administrative Fee?

An apartment administrative fee is a payment received from the tenants or flat owners living in the residence to meet the expenses and maintenance of the common areas, especially in the apartments and estates, which is called the dues. The tenants or flat owners living in the residence are responsible for paying the monthly fee … Read more