How to Migrate to Turkey?

Immigration is the process when non-citizens go to a country for settlement purposes. Current studies show that there are 272 million international migrants all around the world.

Turkey has strategic importance due to being on important migration routes. So, it has always been on the agenda with a migration issue. Due to the increasing level of welfare in Turkey, the country is one of the favorite addresses of migration among many other countries.

What should you know before Migrating to Turkey?

The residence permit is compulsory for foreigners who have decided to settle in Turkey for various reasons. The types of residence permits in Turkey are as follows;

  • Short-term residence permit
  • Student residence permit
  • Family residence permit
  • Long-term residence permit
  • Humanitarian residence permit

Before immigrating to Turkey, you need to choose the residence permit which is suitable for you. Besides, you need to make your application to the immigration office online.

Who can Immigrate to Turkey?

Immigrants are people who, regardless of their religion, language, race, nationality, or affiliation to any society, due to an event or events occurring in their country, settle in another country and live there. However, it doesn’t have to be a negative event to migrate to another country.

According to TUIK International Migration Statistics data, the population in the 25-29 age group immigrates to Turkey the most. Secondly, the province that receives the most immigration from abroad and gives the highest number of immigrants abroad is Istanbul. Thirdly, the most immigrating nations to Turkey in recent years have been the citizens of Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran.

Where to Apply to Migrate to Turkey?

To migrate to Turkey, you need to apply to the T.R Presidency of Migration Management of the Ministry of Interior. You need to pay attention to the countries whose citizens are allowed to enter into. The fee amount for a single entry is 695 TRY / 51 USD and for multiple entries is 2.330 TRY / 171 USD.

What are the Documents Required for Immigration to Turkey?

Entry to and exit from Turkey is through the border gates with a valid passport or passport substitute documents. If foreigners do not have these necessary documents, they are not allowed to enter Turkey.

Here are the documents required for immigration to Turkey;

  • The foreigner has to show the passport or the official documents when entering and exiting Turkey.
  • Document checks at border crossings can also be carried out in vehicles while driving.
  • Foreigners using the transit areas of airports may be subject to control by the competent authorities.
  • When entering Turkey, the authorities check whether the foreigner is within the scope of Article 7 of Law No. 6458.

What are the Laws of the Republic of Turkey on Immigrants?

Turkish Laws are legislated for foreigners and immigrants for international protection. The laws of the Republic of Turkey on immigrants briefly include these contents;

  • Passport Law
  • Settlement Law
  • Law on Work Permits of Foreigners
  • The Law of Fees
  • Foreign Direct Investment Law
  • Turkish Citizenship Law
  • International Labor Law

Can Immigrants Obtain Citizenship in Turkey?

Yes, they can. The conditions required for foreign immigrants to acquire Turkish citizenship are listed as follows:

  • A fixed capital investment of at least 500 thousand US dollars or equivalent foreign currency
  • Buying real estate, which would also help you to find Property in Istanbul, worth at least 250 thousand USD or equivalent in foreign currency
  • Employing at least 50 people after starting a business in Turkey
  • Depositing at least 500 thousand US dollars and equivalent foreign currency in banks operating in Turkey

Can Immigrants get Education in Turkey?

Yes, they can. Thousands of people who immigrate to Turkey for any reason take the opportunity to benefit from the education system in Turkey. Turkish Laws determine the status and citizenship status of immigrants in the new social environment. They have the right to education in institutions providing education in Arabic, English, and other languages. Immigrants in Turkey can also enroll in any university in Turkey.

Can Immigrants Benefit from Health Services in Turkey?

Yes, they can. It is important to be able to provide preventive health services and primary health care services more effectively and efficiently for immigrants and refugees in Turkey. For this reason, Migrant Health Care Services is the subordinate unit of the district’s community health center in places where these people live intensively, to overcome the problems arising from language and cultural barriers and to increase their access to health services. Moreover, immigrants can benefit from private medical centers all over the country.

Can Immigrants Buy Property in Turkey?

Yes, they can. Your reliable real estate company can handle the whole purchasing process for you. Moreover, they can acquire citizenship after purchasing real estate worth at least 250 thousand US dollars and its equivalent in foreign currency. Additionally, there is a condition that the property you buy will not be sold for the next 3 years.

How can Immigrants Start a Business in Turkey?

Immigrants can start a business in Turkey. Regarding foreign investors, there is the Foreign Direct Investors Law No. 4875 in Turkey. In this law, the principle of freedom of investment, equal treatment, and encouragement of foreign investors has been adopted. Even some assurances have been given to foreign investors.

Moreover, immigrants identified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security as employing at least 50 people can acquire Turkish citizenship for the whole family. The business starting process includes these steps;

  • First of all, preliminary preparation regarding the establishment of the business
  • The determination of the type of company
  • The preparation of the main contract regarding the activities of the company
  • An application for establishment must be made through the Turkish Central Registry System.
  • Preparation and notarization of all documents
  • Obtaining a tax number of the company
  • The process of depositing a certain percentage of the capital into the account of the Competition Authority
  • Depositing a certain amount of the committed capital into the company bank account
  • Documentation of the amount deposited into the bank account
  • Making applications for the registration of the company to the relevant directorates
  • Obtaining a tax plate by going to the relevant tax office
  • Obtaining a social security number
  • Certification of the books that must be in the name of the company
  • Follow-up of the Company Establishment Statement by the Trade Registry Office
  • Requesting a Company Establishment Statement from the relevant tax office
  • Creation of signature circular
  • Uploading company-related documents to the system
  • Creation of VERBIS record

What are the Benefits of Migrating to Turkey?

While the vast majority of people in the world continue to live in the country in which they were born, more people are migrating to other countries, especially those within their region. The benefits of migrating to Turkey are as follows;

  • People migrating to Turkey which is among high-income countries get more advantages in every field.
  • Work is the major reason that people migrate to Turkey, and migrant workers also constitute a large majority of the world’s international migrants, with most living in high-income countries.
  • Benefiting educational opportunities are among the reasons for immigration to Turkey.
  • Health services are affordable in Turkey when we compare them to other counties in the region.
  • Turkish passport and citizenship are among the benefits.

How does Turkey Treats Immigrants?

According to R&D studies, more than 95% of foreigners who come to Turkey for the first time leave Turkey with positive emotions. In other words, they encounter a country that goes beyond the expectations they set up before arriving in Turkey. So, Turkish people, who have a positive attitude towards tourists, refugees, and immigrants, are always very friendly towards them.

How many Migrants does Turkey Receive each Year?

TUIK data show that the number of people who migrated to Turkey from abroad increased by 17.2% in 2019 compared to 2018. Thus, 677,42 people migrated to Turkey in 2019 and these figures have been increasing each passing year. Furthermore, of the population coming from abroad, 98 thousand 554 were Turkish citizens and 578 thousand 488 were foreign nationals.

From which Countries does Turkey Receive Immigrants?

According to TUIK International Migration Statistics data, the province that gets the most immigration from abroad and gives the highest number of immigrants abroad is Istanbul. Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, and Izmir follow Istanbul in this term. Lastly, the most immigrating nations to Turkey in recent years have been the citizens of Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran.

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