What is Deed Declaration?

The title deed declaration is the declaration of the property rights of the immovables owned by the individuals and organizations to the relevant units of the municipalities. When the property right of the real estate is taken, a title deed declaration is given to the municipality. Regardless of whether it is a residence, land, or building, the procedures for the real estate declaration, which are obliged to notify the state by any person, institution, or organization that owns any real estate, start after the receipt of the title deed.

Those who own a new real estate must be included in the list of official transactions to be made within the same year. In cases such as non-declaration or delay, some penalties may be incurred. The content of the declaration must include until the end of the year in which the immovable property is owned. If the notification is not made on time, a second-degree irregularity penalty is imposed. If tax loss occurs during the period when the title deed declaration is not made, the tax loss penalty is deducted. If the notification is made late and at the same time causes tax loss, a comparison is made between them and a penalty with a higher amount is applied. One of the remarkable reminders about the real estate declaration is the requirement to make a separate real estate declaration for each real estate. By making the necessary calculations for each different real estate by the relevant units, the real estate tax that individuals, institutions, or organizations are obliged to pay can be calculated.

How to Make a Deed Declaration?

The real estate declaration, which also includes the notifications about the income obtained from the immovable property, such as rent, is given once for each real estate. No fee is paid in the process of filing a property declaration, which is mandatory for the taxation of real estate.

So where is the real estate declaration submitted? It is given to the real estate-related units of the municipalities to which the immovable is located. Another method is to submit a real estate declaration on the official website of the Revenue Administration (Ready Declaration page).

Real estate declaration can be given via the internet. There are alternative ways for those who will submit a real estate declaration apart from going to the municipality and performing the relevant transaction. Real estate declarations can be submitted online. Online real estate declarations can also be processed via e-government.

How is the real estate declaration made via e-government? After entering the estate system, the section belonging to the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate should be selected. You can perform the transaction through the services of the municipality you are affiliated with by logging into the Land Registry Immovable Declaration section on the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate page.

What are the Documents Required for the Title Deed Declaration?

Although the list of documents required when submitting a property declaration is clear, you can still contact the municipality for confirmation.

Here are the documents required for real estate declaration:

  • Deed copy
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the real estate owner
  • Building permit
  • Address of the building
  • Copy of building occupancy permit for buildings
  • Residence address, tax number, address, and telephone number of the person making the declaration.

When is the Property Declaration Submitted?

If you do not want to face a penal situation regarding the real estate declaration, you should take action in the period following the receipt of the title deed after the real estate purchase. After the title deed is received, the property declaration must be submitted by the end of the current year at the latest.

The validity period of the document showing the real estate declaration value is also one of the issues that are curious about the real estate declaration. For the document showing the real estate declaration value, that is, the real estate declaration, to be processed at the land registry offices, it is required that the real estate belongs to the year it was purchased. The law is very clear on this issue: Real estate declarations can be submitted until the last day of the year. If the purchased real estate is under construction, that is, in the category of unfinished housing, it must be waited for the completion of the construction and then the receipt of the title deed to submit a real estate declaration. It is not possible to make a declaration for an immovable property whose deed is not yet available. For those who buy real estate on one of the days covering the last three months (last quarter) of the year, the real estate declaration process works as follows: Real estate tax notification must be made to the relevant municipality within three months from the date of purchase.

What is the Property Declaration Penalty?

Penalties are applied for real estate declarations that are not declared under normal conditions or that are submitted late due to time-out. First of all, a calculation is made over the income amount of the immovable to be declared. A penalty equal to onefold of the tax amount obtained is submitted to the owner of the property. In addition to this penalty, a monthly delay interest of 1.4 percent is calculated and added to the resulting amount.

When the word is opened about the criminal situations that may occur due to the real estate declaration, it is useful to make a small warning: Penalties are applied to those who show the value of the house as low while making a real estate declaration. Persons who show the real estate value low to pay low tax during the sale of the house cause irregularity in the real estate declaration. When the value of the house appears below its real value, the real estate income tax is also low. In this regard, serious inspections and high penalties are applied in our country.

What is Deed Declaration?

The document that allows you to legally prove that you own any property on the territory of Turkey is the property document known as the Tapu. This document gives the property owner the legitimacy to register this property, as well as the right to save by renting, selling, and any other investment. What you need to do to obtain the Deed Declaration document is explained below.

  • Determine who will pay the title deed fee.
  • Apply to the municipality and pay the property tax.
  • Schedule an appointment after applying to the General Directorate of Land Registry.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Buyers and sellers must appear at the Land Registry at the agreed time.
  • The buyer must register as his declaration that he has received the property for a fee and that the seller has sold the property.
  • Hand delivery of the deed.

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